Mablethorpe Tourism Course

The Beach Train. Image c/o The Guardian

The Beach Train. Image c/o The Guardian

Mablethorpe has revealed a new tactic for a brighter future to the resort’s tourism. A new initiative not tried before in conjunction with Coastfields Leisure at Grange Leisure Park in Mablethorpe and various other local caravan sites in Skegness are to develop the better tourist skills.

Interested parties in both resorts have invested in a nationally recognised training course. it will be delivered for the first time on the East Coast in Mablethorpe. This is a ground breaking approach and it is hoped should result in more highly trained staff. this in turn should lead to a better service to tourists and  visitors looking for the right choice of caravan park on the east coast.

The East Lincolnshire Destination Management Organisation (ELDMO) are key to the initiative in partnership with East Lindsey District Council, SkillsReach and Leisuresafe who all recognise that the holiday park and leisure industry is vital to East Coast economy. The training programme aims to ‘raise the bar’ for the visitor experiences in Mablethorpe and Skegness and is hailed as a good illustration of how everyone benefits through local business leadership and collaboration.